With Mixed Emotions


Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Joshua Malik is a 19 year old photographer from the United States. He got his start with surreal photography around two and half years ago, and quickly mastered the craft of digital manipulation. When asked what inspired him to start making his dark, earthy, and subdued pieces, he said:

“It was so interesting to me that the weirdest nightmares I had could be turned into a photograph.  I am not really the best at drawing or other forms of art, and something clicked between photography, digital manipulation, and my brain.”

Some of Joshua’s favorite artists are Jenna Martin, Rob Woodcox, and Kyle Thompson.


Fallen Fruit on Flickr.In the blithe summers of our youth.
Starring the lovely Erin, my first brave model


Fallen Fruit on Flickr.

In the blithe summers of our youth.

Starring the lovely Erin, my first brave model


Nunzio Paci

Dim: cm 130x100
Tecnique: pencil and oil on canvas
Year: 2014




This. Literally the first thing you learn when you begin to handle a gun is to only point the gun at something you are willing to shoot.


can we stop now? is this enough??





holy shit. 

this is on a whole new level of patience

This is natural art.


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Knitted fungus

These amazing knitted fungus, truly inspired by real mushrooms, are the result of extraordinary creative work of Leigh Martin, a fiber artist and nature enthusiast residing in Central Oklahoma (US).

Photos (top to bottom):

1. Parrot fungi

2. Clavaria zollingeri

3. Turkey tail

4. Anemone stinkhorn

5. Caesar’s mushroom

6. Jack-o’-lantern mushroom